Borderlands 2 300K XP Glitch

Borderlands 2 300K XP Glitch

There is a glitch in borderlands 2, the glitch will allow you to get 300K XP everytime you perform Tiny Tina Luring Bandit Matchstick mission.

This Bordelands 2 glitch is simple you need to be playing with someone like your friend or any one who will able to help you to perform this glitch.

Borderlands 2 300K XP Glitch

The Mission in which Tiny Tina will ask you to go lure a Bandit name matchstick to her place so she can torture him and kill him.

Just go to Tiny Tina and when she ask you to perform the mission, ask your friend who is playing with you in Borderlands 2 to go to the place where Bandit Matchstick is and Kill Him, Every time your friend kill him, you and your friend will be awarded 300K XP, you can perform this mission numerous time to get unlimited XP and boost up your rank in Borderlands 2.

Here is a short walkthrough of Borderlands 2 300K XP Glitch.

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